Monday 11 February 2008

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Oh Shite!!! I had a bit of a interruption to my exercise program today. A fall. I ended up with my foot all bandaged. I couldn't go on my walk. My exercise program was going great guns as well. Just a small set back..

Anyway, I would like to tell you I was running a few kilometres and had a nasty fall or lifting large weights and sprained something or even was riding a bike and got knocked over by a car.

Oh no, of course nothing so dramatic. I was skipping.

Yes, I can hear you snigger.... wipe that grin off your face, right now, this is serious... skipping is great excercise even if you are past your prime. Well it is, that is, if you can actually jump high enough to not trip over the rope. I was doing well. I was up to 100 (in a row I will have you know) then somehow my feet got tangled and I fell head first on to concrete and I rolled my bad ankle. Let me tell you that the harmless skipping rope is a lethal weapon and not safe in the hands of novices or anyone who has taken a long pause between skips (10 years may be too long between drinks I am thinking).

I blame my 'know it all' father you know - he was the one that told me years ago that all sports people train with a skipping rope - you use all your muscles and its the best cardio you can get. Look at all the boxers he used to say. Like I wanted to look like a boxer? Oh yesiree, he was also the one that told me you had to chew every mouth full of food 80 times before you swallowed (and I wondered why my food was cold by the time I had finished it and I was still sitting there when everyone had left the table two hours earlier). I could go on and on about his bloody pearls of wisdom over the years. And I kept on listening which says more about me than him I realise.

OK, the truth is I was just average at sports. Scoring a goal for the opposition in basketball, somehow swimming 50m across the pool when I had dived in to swim 100m down the pool (oh god my face still burns with that embarassing moment) or my skirt falling down to my ankles on the netball court just as I was shooting a goal are all testaments to my prowess. I did get the goal though. I am just thankful these days that I can put one foot in front of the other still.

I try and that's what its all about - just having a go and moving - even if the moving entails falling or crawling on the ground instead of skipping. I feel I am in good company anyway - check this youtube video out.

I am feel like I belong now ........seems I am not the only sports person (and I use the term lightly my friends) to have had an 'off 'day from time to time. Enjoy! I am off to pop another pain killer and rest the ankle. Or perhaps a gin & tonic is called for. Tomorrow is another day. Right?

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