Friday 29 February 2008

NEW IDEA claims it had NO IDEA

Some how I think the Queen is going to say, off with their heads, to the pathetic team at the Australian magazine, New Idea, who published the fact that Prince Harry was currently deployed in Afghanistan. When there is meant to be a media blackout in place.

Why don't you make it easy for the Taliban you idiots? Why don't you make him and his fellow soldiers a sitting duck and a prize target? He already had specific threats on his head as it was. Did you print the map to his actual location per chance? Why not stick a crown on his head instead of his helmet perhaps? Make it obvious who he is. Bullseye.

As if soldiers doing the job they've been signed up by their political masters wasn't dangerous enough? Oh let's not think about the real victims in this, the civilians.

The Editor claims they didn't know there was an embargo on the story. Right, that excuse is about as believable as the magazine's recent stories that Britney is pregnant with triplets, Nicole Kidman has been pregnant for two long years and Angelina is pregnant with Chinese and Polish twins.

The hilarious thing is that everyone assumes their stories are rubbish so when the Harry story appeared two weeks ago no-one raised an eyebrow. Everyone except, a German publication that picked it up and the story suddenly grew arms and legs.

A change in magazine title is required pronto to NO IDEA!! Plus, if you see the Queen and a sword coming anywhere near you soon, I would run. Simply because it won't mean what you think it does....