Thursday 14 February 2008

My links to the Underworld...

Despite its ban in Victoria, everyone seems to be talking this morning about Underbelly the new Aussie Mafia TV series which aired last night. At 7am this morning, one of the blokes fixing the roadway outside the house was giving his mate a running commentary on what went down in the first episode. Who'd have thought it mate, that kind of thing happening in Melbourne, just like the Godfather.....

I also happened to notice that it was directed by a relative of mine. Keeping it all in the to speak. So add that to your family facebook group J..... Plus, I hate to admit it but you're right, Judy Moran even reminds me of sad......if only I had the same connections....gangland style of course.

However, is anyone else bothered by the fact that Carl Williams is portrayed as a seriously intellectually challenged knob when he is (or was) supposedly one of Australia's most powerful crime figures? He is no Michael Corleone....or am I just romanticising the criminal mind? No, it's not quite like the Godfather. Fascinating though!

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