Thursday 14 February 2008

Let's hope it doesn't get too hot to handle!!!

My friend rang me today to ask me a favour - to ring her tomorrow just to make sure she and her partner are still alive.

She said she would be trying out one of her Valentine's gifts tonight and wasn't quite sure of the outcome. Her partner had told her that he got it for 50% off (some bloke, they love a bargain and then they love telling you all about it).

It's a Massage Candle.

It's a wonder they weren't giving them away.

She read out the marketing spiel - This candle is the perfect bedside companion for any romantic evening - it is made with all natural skin loving ingredients that have a low melt point so you can burn the candle to set the mood - then pour the luscious warm liquid on your partners skin and use as a sensual massage oil! It is also great to use on those dry elbows, hands and feet as a moisturiser.

A skin loving ingredient - well I'll be damned.....

Let's hope they don't burn the candle at both ends.......