Tuesday 26 February 2008

Hey Fatso, yes I'm talking to you.........

get outta here.

Remind me never to go to Mississippi. Fat folk may get banned from eating in public. It won't be thoughts of, wonder what's on the menu but rather, hope I'm thin enough to get in the front door! Can you imagination the walk of shame when you are rejected at the door. No food, for you fatso!! Come back when you've dropped some pounds...

That's right. If you live in the great state of Mississippi and you have a body mass index BMI of 30 or more, you may be denied service at restaurants soon. There is a bill working its way through the Mississippi House of Representatives now that would require restaurants to refuse to serve patrons who are obese.

BMIs would be taken of customers and they would be weighed at the door. The state's Department of Health would be responsible for enforcing compliance, and would revoke business permits for those dining establishments that violated the legislation. Wow....that's kind of scary although understandably, the bill is not expected to be passed.

It seems that we, the masses, need to be shepherded through life by Big Brother lest we veer off into a dangerous realm of personal responsibility and free will. Do you really reckon that is going to stop the problem? That's like banning ugly people from beauty salons, well people from hospitals, bulimics from restrooms, anorexics from the gym, movie stars from the papparazzi, or people with no dress sense from designer boutiques.

Fat is unhealthy we know. It has and will continue to have a huge drain on our health resources. We do need to do something. It's about being educated and learning how to be self sufficient. It's about having self respect. Its about food suppliers providing healthy produce at reasonable prices. I mean look at France, the French eat out all the time and how many fat people do you see there? Everything in moderation.

Don't ban fat people, ban fast food chains and mass produced super sized crap! How is what they are doing any different from distributing poison? For profit, no less. People get addicted in the same way they do any other illegal substances. Good food needs to be affordable. Tax fast food so it becomes a luxury.

Yes, McFattys Restaurant chain I'm looking right at YOU!!!!!!