Friday 15 February 2008

Hello Pot, Meet Kettle

Now that would have to be the best headline I have seen all day. It refers to the reports that Britney Spears' paparazzi boyfriend has now become a victim of the paps himself. He got into a bit of an altercation when another pap got too close trying to take his photo. And what did he say to his fellow vulchers, of whose ranks he was a member of until he found 'love' in the arms of the woman he hounded for 2 years? 'I am surprised about the extremes you guys go to, to make a buck these days'. The man who admits he has made $200,000 from taking pictures of Britney and who sold the story of their relationship to the press for hundreds of thousands more. Yeah right. Hello Pot, Meet Kettle, love it thinks he is in for a big fall. NEVER forget where you came from. Can't wait to use that line now......soon.

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