Friday 29 February 2008


Each year 30,000 people are apparently seriously injured by exercise equipment.

As of today, I can tell you why that is the case. It's not because people hurt themselves while using the equipment. It's because they injure themselves while stepping over or around their unused, dust covered stuff that has been slowly breeding since time began.

I tripped over my Orbitrek (yes, I was impressed with the name too when I ordered it) which was filed neatly in the corner for use at a later date (along with all the other bits n pieces of equipment I have bought with the purest of intentions).

Along with the Orbitrek, I have the Abbuster, the exercise bike, numerous weights, the Rock n Roll stepper and the rowing, that's all I'm admitting to anyway.

I may have overindulged with home exercise equipment but it's not like you can try before you buy and every time the Biggest Loser comes on it inspires me to shape up. For a while, that is, until the novelty wears off.

Besides, when you see it advertised it looks so easy to use. I mean if Elle McPherson uses it then...... I know they are stretching the truth but I choose to ignore this in the hope that one day they really will be telling it like it is. Miracles happen don't they? (Speaking of which, Obama, if the whole Presidency thing falls through for you, I can tell you, you'd be really great at selling Orbitreks....)

Well falling on my a$$ today, was a reminder that all this stuff is just cluttering up my life. It's got to go. Look on eBay if you want some really cool things, which have really weird names and which promise miracles for the fat, unfit and downhearted.

I'm walking these days and intend to leave fancy machines, with all their empty promises, behind. I only need me and my shoes. Far less dangerous this way. Plus, I have nothing or no-one else to blame but myself if it all goes pear shaped.