Sunday 20 January 2008

Learning something new....

It's time to learn something new. Preferably something that does not involve power drills, outdoor adventures or knitting needles.

I did do an online quiz to get some advice on possible pursuits that matched my temperament, physical abilities and likes and dislikes. After taking all that into account it informed me that I should take up - PARACHUTING! A little off the mark lets just say for a girl who is scared of heights. I think I will keep this potential hobby in the back of my mind until at least 2020! I think I will be up for it then - I need a long time to talk myself into things. Besides this wasn't really the kind of fear I was thinking about.

I have been playing around with a few new ideas over the last year which I am enjoying so will stick with them and keep learning.

I started sewing classes with my daughter last year. Mainly because I had bought a sewing machine a couple of years earlier and it was still in its box. Sewing classes were hilarious. I don't think they were meant to be. The truth is we were very bad at it. We were more interested in listening to the only male in the class who invariably came in a little worse for wear and was the resident expert about all things to do with the needle and thread (he also drove the sewing machine like it was a Formula 1 car). I am not giving up though. I got the basics. I have visions of designing some bedlinen this year as opposed to making pin cushions and calico bags. I have a thing for lovely bedlinen and how great would it be to personalise my own range. I know its a long way from pin cushions but a girl has got to keep the dream alive....

Cake Decorating

For the past few years I have been fascinated with cupcakes since I saw the famous New York Magnolia Bakery on Sex and the City. Although, between you and me I also now know there is a far better bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, on Rivington and Essex in the Lower East Side. In the last year I learnt how to make icing flowers and have had loads of fun. My mother is an expert as she is in most things. Some of my earlier efforts are pictured above. I have progressed to making leaves though now!. It's like making precious little works of art....that get eaten in minutes.... I love baking and I intend to do a lot more this year, particularly gluten free baking. I have not baked cakes for many, many years other than the occasional birthday cake. I had a grandmother who lived on a farm and she produced the most bountiful spreads of wonderful cakes every time we visited. Those sponges, jam rolls, rainbow cakes...I tried to do the same when I was 15 and became obsessed to make the perfect sponge. Just like Nanna. One million eggs later I finally perfected one. After I reached that pinnacle of cake making I never baked another sponge again. I remember my father jokingly likening my 'practice' sponges to pavers - they were flat and hard and useful he said, in his garden! My parents were patient, I have to say that much. Now, I have a favourite supplier on EBay for all the tools of the trade I need. So, this year I am taking the decorating and the baking up a notch or two. Who knows, I may be game enough to try baking a sponge....just for old times sake..


Given I am doing some blogging I am also going to try my hand at photography. Its new to me but its a lot of fun. I will post my pictures as time goes on. Pictures of people, places things and cupcakes of course...


I have written a great deal over the last year about some major and traumatic events in my life. I enjoy writing and would like to focus on some happier stories in the year to come. I have always had a thought in the back of my mind (like millions of others) that I would write a book one day. I am going to take some creative writing classes and who knows what might happen.

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