Saturday 26 January 2008

I love a sunburnt country

Why is it you only realise how absolutely great Australia is when you spend some time overseas. We live in THE BEST country in the world (but Italy is up there I have to just say) without a doubt. And this country affords us a fantastic quality of life which we often take for granted.

What is there not to love about an island surrounded by beautiful beaches?

The wide open spaces, the blue skies, the sun, the surf and most importantly the laid back people who, on the whole, care for each other and who look after 'their mates'.

There is something wonderful about the Aussie sense of humour and down to earth honesty. We say it like it is. And what about our passion for sports? Summer equates to 24 hours sports coverage.

After living elsewhere for a while I feel privileged to be born here and thank my ancestors, the English convict who stole bread and the Irish and German settlers for making this their home.

So while I may pass on the vegemite toast, lamingtons, cold beer, Anzac biscuits and pavlova today (just cos my detox started), I will partake in some prawns and vegetable kebabs on the barbie followed up with some beautiful fresh fruit.

While your at it though why don't you take this quiz about Australia - somehow I don't think I would pass the Citizenship test after doing this one.

Enjoy the long weekend and the sun!!!! And take some time out to be thankful that this is the place we call home. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

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